About Us
Jal means water while Shuddhi stands for purification in Sanskrit.
We, at Envicare, are committed to caring for the environment & people by providing clean & pure water.

Established in 2001 with the intention of providing solutions for RECYCLING, REFUSING, REDUCING & REUSING Waste Water from various domestic & industrial activities, 
ENVICARE TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD has grown to be a world leading solution provider for Water and Waste Water treatment.

Our team of highly skilled & dedicated Engineers, Managers, Consultants & Technicians is led by Mr. Mangesh Surve (Chemical Engineer) the Managing Director of the company who has deep knowledge & experience in this field.He has been felicitated by many prestigious awards including the Japanese Government for excellence in business processes & quality standards.
Our core values are
                                            Caring for the environment & people ,
                                            Continual Improvement ,
                                            Quick Implementation &
                                            Developing future leaders.

Envicare’s Vision:
To become India's No.1 Company in reducing pollution by adopting and implementing the latest technologies, to serve the world at large.

* We have successfully commissioned 1000 + plants for over 500 clients including TATA Motors, PEPSICO, 3M (I) Ltd, KSB Pumps Ltd, BARC, Tata Technologies, TAL Manufacturing Co., L&T, General Motors, General Electric, Godrej, Mahindra, Kirloskar, Emerson Technologies, Bridgestone, Kehein Fie, BG Shirke, Wipro and many more.
* We have experience of international business with presence in Malaysia & Dubai.
* Containerized Plants known for their portability & plug-n-play feature exported to Bangladesh, Madagascar & Middle East. 
* We've been instrumental in recycling well above 5000 million litres of waste water produced from various Industrial & Domestic activities.

In Our relentless pursuit of quality products and services, We have achieved the following Registrations / Certifications :
ISO 9001 : 2008 
MCCIA – Esteem Associate.
Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) - Life Organization Member.
American Water Works Association (AWWA) - Corporate Member

We are one of the few organisations in this industry who boast of our own R&D facility named AQUA Laboratories which follows ISO guidelines for water, waste water & effluent testing.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)
An ETP recycles Industrial wastewater containing hazardous chemicals for reusing in gardening, toilet flushing & car washing etc. Typical Treatment Processes used for effluents are Physico-Chemical treatments followed by Polishing Treatments like –Sand Filtration & Activated Charcoal treatment etc.
Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
An STP works on the Principle of Aerobic Treatment and Anaerobic digestion. Technologies used are ASP : Activated Sludge Process, MBBR : Moving Bed Bio reactor, SAFF : Submerged aerated Fixed Film, SBR : Sequential Bioreactor, MBR : Membrane Bio Reactor & ACTFAST : Envicare's Proprietary technology.
Containerized STP/ETP
Envicare's Containerized STP/ETP are fully loaded with features such as Semi-automatic Operation, Complete portability, Plug & Play operation, Easy Dismantling and transportation, Very Compact and Great aesthetic. These beauties have been exported to Bangladesh & Madagascar as well.
Demineralization Plants (DM)
Envicare's DM plants are available in a variety of cost effective standard models with improved aesthetics, rugged & rust free design, low power consumption & high shelf life. Our Current installations in various Textile, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Breweries & Automobile industries etc.
Mini DM Plants
We provide demineralization plants for lower capacities with a Single valve assembly, simplified frontal Piping, simpler distribution collecting systems & ease of installation.
Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO)
RO is a membrane filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions. We offer fully automated, extremely reliable and simplified range of Customized RO/UF Plants in 50 LPH to 50000 LPH range in Economy & Premium versions.
Water Softener Systems
Envicare's Water Softening Plants are designed to produce treated Water with consistent quality (zero hardness) suitable for various applications in Boilers, Chemicals, Cooling Towers, ACs, Beverages & Food Industry to name a few.
Rain Water Harvesting
RAINTAP (TM) Popup Filter is a device installed in various residential, commercial & industrial establishments for harvesting rooftop rain water to store for reuse or groundwater/borewell recharge. It is a simple device with a built in system for preventing clogging & rooftop flooding.
Oil Skimmers
Oil skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a fluid. Envicare's oil skimmers are robust, compact & portable with no requirement for electricity or filters hence zero maintenance & operating costs.
Filter Press
We provide a wide range of dewatering solutions for various industrial processes. Envicare's filter presses are available in various sizes & configurations with following features : Rugged construction, Automatic operation, Future expandability, Reduced Labour & Long service life.
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HDPE/PP Piping & FRP Lining/Coating
Envicare specializes in HDPE / PP Piping & FRP Lining & Coating Jobs. It ensures longer life for chemical carrying pipes & tanks by preventing corrosion.
Other Services
We also provide top class services for AMCs, modification, upgradation, rectification & repairs for existing functioning / non-functional ETPs, STPs, RO, DM & Softeners etc of all makes & brands.
Chemicals & Consumables
Envicare deals in a wide range of chemicals & consumables related to water & waste water treatment industry. We provide Ion exchange Resins, Chemicals, Media & Dosing Systems for ETP/STP, Pumps, Air Blowers, Ozonators, Tanks etc at extremely competitive rates.
Water Treatment : Process & Technology
Sewage Treatment Plant
Containerized STP